Hi Chilly Dippers, We have an apology to make about our 1500m swim on the 3rd March. Our booking system incorrectly states this as an ICE MILE swim, this is a error in the system and it is NOT a ICE MILE swim, for two reasons;
1) The water temperature will likely y be about 7 degrees
2) Your safety is paramount and to have this swim in our calendar it would be on an individual basis, with extensive medical support.
3) We do took the decision early in the Chilly Dippers set up to not hold or promote a group Ice Mile swim.
In fact the 1500m event will only run if the water temperature is around 7 degrees.
It has also been noted that the system is wording some events as RATIFIED, again our apologies but this is an error on our part. We had intended to have some of our events as ratified events but changed this. Sadly the header of the booking changed but the wording still remained once yo clicked the link to book the event.
I apologise for the errors and thank Pauline and Catherine to prompt me to investigate what is going on. If you have already booked onto these events you should receive an email early next week from Jo advising of the above, refunds will be offered if these events no longer have your interest and you do not wish to swim in them.
Please accept our apologies for the wording error on the website.
November 2017 Results

Results for Chilly Dippers November 2017

Chilly Dippers November 2017
11.1 degrees water, Slightly breezy
Suzanne Ashworth 08:34
Pauline Barker 10:42
Viki Bryce 08:35
Paul Bygrave 16:18
Tom Chapman 08:00
Rosalind Edmunds 08:43
Brian Gardner 07:27
Sarah Harris 13:34
Steve Lodge 10:06
Kirsten McVey 07:49
Cath Pendleton 08:25
Jim Parker 12:14
Kareena Parkes 09:38
Sally Precious Ward DNS
Katherine Short 09:59
Kevin Stiff 10:38
Tracey Stiff 13:36
Angie Tanner 08:41
Rachel Wallbank 09:36
Victor Wright 12:09
Barbera Williams 08:09
Lesley Cook DNS
Simon Clow 03:47
Matthew Crouch 03:15
Frankie Lodge 05:43
Naoimi Murray 08:12
Rowie Meers 05:02
India Rogers 03:49
Lyn telling 05:57
Emma Jayne Tomes 08:01
George Tomkins 03:49
Paula Power 05:19
Lesley Duncan 08:18
George Tomkins 01:31
Naomi Pinnell 03:02
Rowie Meers 02:16
Matthew Crouch 01:40

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December 2017 Results

Chilly Dippers December 2017



2.5 degree water, Good, Calm conditions but tough water temperature 

Courses consisted of 200m loops (400 and 800m) and 100m loops (200 and 100m)

800m Time Wetsuit / Non Wetsuit
Brian Gardner 15:51 Wetsuit
Shaun Hales 17:29 Non Wetsuit
Kareena Parkes 20:40 Non Wetsuit
Andrew Wells 15:12 Non Wetsuit
Victor Wright 27:49
Non Wetsuit Breaststroke
Katherine Short 16:39
600m Swum Non Wetsuit
Nikki Hughes 15:55
600m Swum Non Wetsuit
Simon Clow 07:40 Non Wetsuit
Dean Fouracre 09:06 Wetsuit
David Green 11:35 Non Wetsuit
Rowie Meers 10:39 Non Wetsuit
Jim Parker DNS
Alexandra Birchmore 06:37 Non Wetsuit
Steve Birchmore 09:22 Non Wetsuit
Shaun Camden DNS
Victorine McFarlane 02:52 Non Wetsuit
Graham Philpott 03:56 Wetsuit
Barbera Williams 02:55 Non Wetsuit
Timothy Keys DNS
January 2018 Results

Chilly Dippers January 2018

5.4 degree water, Ground conditions, Windy and Raining Consistently

Courses consisted of 200m loops (400 and 1000m) and 100m loops (200 and 100m)

Pauline Barker 29:15
Diane Bent 27:25
Andrew Butler 29:23
Simon Clow 21:53
Brian Garener 20:50
Sian Richardson 32:41
Rachel Wallbank 27:30
Andrew Wells 19:50
Victor Wright 23:33
Susan Burchell DNS
Sarah Harris DNS
Pam Hatt DNS
Frankie Lodge DNS
Steve Lodge DNS
Richard Ray 08:40
Kate Rowbothan DNS
George Tomkins 09:00
Zoe Ward 07:40
Antonia Winstanley 10:00
Lesley Cook 08:52
Claudia Amos 04:54
Helen Cooper 04:00
Lesley Duncan 07:09
Sonja Jefferson 04:12
India Rogers 03:25
Alison Walsh 07:33
Barbera Williams 05:45
Keith Cooper 08:50
Susanah Baker 02:17
Samuel Fox DNS
Hillary Jenkins-Spanger DNS
Helen Luscombe 03:25
Jim Sheeran 03:13
Anne Wynne 03:14
George Tomkins 01:24


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March 2018 Results

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November 2016 Results

November 5th 2016
Many thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed the event.

Todays Water Temp was 9.5 Degrees

If we have marked you down as wetsuit and you swam skins please let us know and we will amend

Event Name Time Skins (S) / Wetsuit (W)
800 Andrew Wells 11:47.52 S
800 Jason Aspinall 12:35.44 W
800 Brian Gardener 12:47.49 W
800 Debbie Wayman 15:19.10 S
800 Chris Ballinger 18:16.79 W
800 David Stevens 18:29.28 S
800 Tracy Sharratt 18:29.28 S
400 No Entries – – – –
200 Paul Hardiman 3:35.38 W
200 Marc Stephens 3:42.28 W
200 Helen Fudge 4:46.94 W
200 Barbera Williams 4:48.95 W
200 Glyn Dolman 4:58.93 W
200 Sean Rogers 5:44.09 W
200 Ciara O’Neill 5:55.22 W
100 Andy Rhodes 1:48.35 W
100 Naomi 2:46.47 W
50 Graham Smedley 1:00.39 S
50 Paul Hardiman 1:00.39 S
50 Garry Myatt 1:00.39 S
50 Garry Myatt (2) 55.77 S
December 2016 results

December 3rd 2016

Many thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed the event.

Todays Water Temp was 4 Degrees

If we have marked you down as wetsuit and you swam skins please let us know and we will amend

Event Name Time Skins (S) / Wetsuit (W)
800 Andrew Wells 12:36 S
800 Brian Gardener 12:53 W
800 Jonathan Francis 13:09 S
800 Heidi Brice 13:29 S
800 Sian Ellen Richardson 15:30 S
800 Helen Cooper 15:30 S
800 Debbie Wayman 15:36 S
800 Nikki Hughes 16:02 S
800 Angie Tanner 16:12 W
800 David Green 16:36 S
800 Viki Brice 16:43 S
800 Chris Ballinger 16:45 S
800 Rosalind Edmunds 17:33 S
800 Susan Burchell 17:48 S
800 Pauline Barker (Butterfly) 23:09 S
400 Tracey Sharratt 09:20 S
400 Kareena Parkes 09:41 S
400 Sian Lane 10:07 S
400 Mark Cole 10:08 S
400 David Robinson 10:34 W
400 Paula Reynolds 10:51 S
400 Gary Scott Lloyd 10:57 S
400 Stuart Harris 11:05 W
400 Sarah Harris 12:39 W
200 No Entries – – – –
100 Sarah Tye DNS – –
100 Jackie Blastland DNS – –
50 Felicity Jackson 01:08 W
50 Naomi Pinnell 01:13 W
50 Barbara Williams 01:20 W
January 2017 Results

January 14th 2017

Many thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed the event.

Todays Water Temp was 3 Degrees

If we have marked you down as wetsuit and you swam skins please let us know and we will amend

Event Name Time Skins (S) / Wetsuit (W)
1km Andrew Wells 19:02.55 S
1km Brian Gardener 19:58.01 W
1km Catherine Pendleton 22:41.96 S
1km Nikki Hughes 25:40.77 W
1km Dave Green 26:17.96 W
1km SusanBurchell 27:32.78 S
1km Rosalind Edmunds (swam 600m) 15:41.48 S
1km Tracey Sharratt (swam 200m) 6:12.58 S
400 Joanne Lloyd 12:06.50 W
200 Zoes Ward 3:35.43 W
200 Glyn Lloyd 5:42.03 W
100 Simon Parton 2:54.76 W
100 Barbera Williams 3:43.88 W
100 Louise Jones 3:58.84 W
100 Hannah Seward-Thompson 5:26.96 W
50 James Powell 1:08.33 W
50 Karen Powell 1:29.75 W
50 Rachel Jones 1:31.64 W
400 Simon Parton 1:58.99 S







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February 2017 Results

February 11th 2017

Chilly Dippers February 2016
5 degrees water, choppy with lots of wind chill
Andrew Wells 12:58 Wetsuit
Jane Blloom 13:51 Skins
Cath Pendleton 15:49 Skins
Rosalind Edmonds 17.44 Skins
Sian Richardson 21.57 Skins
Derek Bissell 05:38
Andrew Wells 06:12
Brian Gordan 06:32
Robert Jones 07:42
Joanne Lloyd 08:59
Stuart Harris 09:40
David S 09:46
Tracey S 09:48
John Brierley 09:52
Sarah Harris 11:33
Helen Cooper 11:52
India Rogers 01:13
Carl Pocock 01:25
Glyn Lloyd 01:31
David Stevens 01:42
Rachael Wallbank 01:44
Kevin Davis 01:58
Keith Cooper 02:38
Well done all










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