Hi Chilly Dippers, We have an apology to make about our 1500m swim on the 3rd March. Our booking system incorrectly states this as an ICE MILE swim, this is a error in the system and it is NOT a ICE MILE swim, for two reasons;
1) The water temperature will likely y be about 7 degrees
2) Your safety is paramount and to have this swim in our calendar it would be on an individual basis, with extensive medical support.
3) We do took the decision early in the Chilly Dippers set up to not hold or promote a group Ice Mile swim.
In fact the 1500m event will only run if the water temperature is around 7 degrees.
It has also been noted that the system is wording some events as RATIFIED, again our apologies but this is an error on our part. We had intended to have some of our events as ratified events but changed this. Sadly the header of the booking changed but the wording still remained once yo clicked the link to book the event.
I apologise for the errors and thank Pauline and Catherine to prompt me to investigate what is going on. If you have already booked onto these events you should receive an email early next week from Jo advising of the above, refunds will be offered if these events no longer have your interest and you do not wish to swim in them.
Please accept our apologies for the wording error on the website.

The dates for our 2017/2018 winter events are:

November 4th 2017
December 16th 2017
January 27th 2018
March 3rd 2018

Registration is from 10am onwards, event start times are between 10:30 and 10:45am.  As our events are smaller than those in the summer we would usually be finished by 13:00.

We try to keep the events moving quickly so we do not have wave or event start times.  As soon as one event is finished we move to the next event.  We find this works extremely well for the participants and had great feedback on the system, you just need to be ready to go based on your event.

We run events from longest distance through to shortest, so the swimmers doing the long event have time to warm up and recuperate before the presentations.

Book on using the Waterland website here (2017 bookings will open soon)

Wetsuit Friendly

Chilly Dippers Events are wetsuit friendly.  If you wish to purchase any winter swim kit (or kit in general) head over to